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Managed License Search Squared 2

At MLS2 we copyright your personal identity and all the related data that advertisers pay millions of dollars for.

If Google, Facebook and hundreds of Companies we will never hear of can buy and sell your Online Identity shouldn’t you get paid at least some of that income?

When Facebook and Google sell advertising it’s specifically to you and others with similar demographics and search history. What you click on and when, says so much about you and helps advertisers know what they can sell you, the time of day to expose you to ads and the platform or websites to run those ads so you’ll be most likely to see and interact with them.

That data can be worth thousands of dollars just for access to you based on your search and online activity. A search engine can sell your data for as much as $20 or $50 per click and with hundreds or thousands of clicks you can be worth thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. How? Even if you don’t spend that much money online, your personal, professional and family details are known and based on that data advertisers will pay large sums to get access to you in the hopes of making a sale.

We Copyright the data that advertisers already have of you and that you create each day in your Internet activity. With that Copyright we give you control over who uses your data. We will notify Google and Facebook to Cease using your data and to charge when they do

Earn Money on your Copyrighted data that advertisers are buying and selling each day. How? Over the life of your online activity advertisers could pay as much as $1M to gain access to your eyes, selling you services and items based on your online activity, demographics and other data.

Visit and we will do all the work to Copyright your data history and all your data going forward. Then, each time your data is bought and sold the revenue from that transaction will be paid to you as the author or creator of that data. You earn just like any publisher based on the amount your data generates. Simple selections can restrict the sale of certain aspects of your data.

    Managed License Search2 Squared

      Manage Users Of Your Data

      License Income Paid To You

      Search Uses Your Data License

            A Square Deal



Patent Draft:

The patent application is for a Business Method

Consumer Data Management As It Relates To Search and Control of Data By User

The problem solved by this invention is the ability for the user to gain control of their personal identity and related data including but not limited to Search Queries, Search Results, Search Selections, Online Habits, Online Purchases, Websites and nature of websites visited, time of day and length of visit and all areas of criteria possible now or yet to be perfected to be added to a person’s identity or data or both.

The problem with not having control of a person’s personal Data (hereafter referred to as Data) is that the users Data is bought and sold without notice or payment while the user is the creator of that data and the current market for the data only exists because of the user. The current market for the data only exists because those collecting the data and then selling it can do so with little notice to the user and without compensating the user for their Data, which is of value.

The Solution it to provide the user with a website or app that can allow user to sign up for protection of their data and then once in control of their own Data they will then become the recipient of payments for its value. The amount of payment is determined in the user agreement and can change but will always consist of a minimum and a maximum and notice of its change.

The means of creating the solution is novel and unique, MLS2 (2 is squared) will Copyright all the facets of a persons Online Identity and with that Copyright the use of that Data is by Fee or in some cases without fee but with permission. Some data has a much higher value than other data and thus will vary in the amount a user receives, if anything.

The Novel Business Method is Patentable now because the method of compiling Users Data into a Database or Book, is Copyrightable and will include Millions of Lines of Unique Data, just as Software Code does. This code becomes the control of just as any software Company can control their problem.

It is the compilation of the following factors that create the novel patentability for this invention but also the resulting output which is to

The means by which a user can sign up for and monitor the use of their data and; monitor the amount of income received for it's use and collect that income by having it distributed to them and the means by which the data is controlled and it's use limited or regulated is unique in that simple copyrighting ones own data and then having the means to go about trying to control or limit it, ongoing is currently impossible. The ability to handle millions of records and monitor the use of those records and then receive payment for their use is novel unique and a simple solution to a complex problem that has no current solution.

Equitable Distribution of Value

User receives appropriate value for the use of their data and own the rights to it and obtain control over it going forward.

Vendors and users of Data receive approval of use of data and thus meet all areas of General Protection of Data Regulation. Additionally, they can make business decisions based on License and permitted use of data avoiding problems with future regulation.

Vendors are no longer required to manage license agreements for user data on their website as it will be replaced with our license agreement which will be standard across all platforms, vendors and users simplifying the use of this data by the vendors and end users but also allow precise data management by the user.


Flowchart Diagram:

Vendors Use Data

Pass Through All User Data For Screening

(This step allows vendors to avoid illegally using licensed data)

       Licenses User Data and Sends Back To Vendors

Users Register To License Their Data thru

   Becomes Exclusive Licensor of Uses Data

User Data Is Added to MLS2 License Database

              Licenses the use of User Database to Vendors

Vendors Pay for use of Proprietary Data

Value Proposition

User Maintains account page with

User Logins in to site to view and manage use of Users Data

User can view amount of income received for licensing

User requests license fee withdraws to user’s bank


Market Material Examples:

TV Ad-

Stand Up Announcer speaks into camera- Green Screen

Do you know what the most valuable thing on the Internet is?'

It's this, this is a line of data that is YOU.

Your Data is worth Thousands of dollars to the biggest companies in the World.

They get your data for free and sell it for Billions. Not anymore.

Now you can take control of your data and get your share of what it sells for.

Simply Register, Login and View your data, who's using it and how much they're paying you for it.

You could earn thousands of dollars each year just by registering and we do the rest.

      Visit. Register. Login and View Your Earnings.



Press Release Example

For Immediate Release

Consumer Data Management Reborn

Managed License Search Squared 2

Your Data. Search. Income

Santa Rosa, California- January 12, 2020—

Today marks a milestone in how consumers data will be used going forward with the release and launch of the Website. MLS2 Stands for Managed Licensed Search Squared. A Website enabling a single consumer to license their data to the largest companies on earth and get paid for its use

      is enabling consumers to restrict and manage the use of their personal identity data; and related search and online activity data; and get paid for its licensed use.

“It’s Your Data, Get Paid For It,” Scott Wolmuth, CEO .

Your Data is earning Thousands of Dollars by the Worlds largest Corporations and they use it without paying you and often without you ever knowing of it’s use or how it’s used.

Easy To Use Web Page Shows Earnings In Real Time-

Personal User Data Controls restrict and control the use of their Data and to then earn income from it’s regulated licensing while viewing all the details in real time

MLS2.c om is a Simple to use Website that allows any Consumer to Register, Login and review how their Data is being used, by whom and see how much they are being paid to allow it’s continued and approved use. The more the data is used the more income the consumer receives.

Value Proposition
Some user profiles are worth more than others. Users see in Real Time the value of their data’s use from Vendors who will bid on the use of the data

In 2020, ( “MLS2”) provides the Consumer a set of User Data Controls thru it’s Patent Pending Registration, Licensing, Administration and Income Earning Website.

Scott Wolmuth



Questions & Answers & Comments

Copyright is obtained by compiling large numbers of users together, creating a block of data-

Updating Copyright will occur as data evolves, if not annually then more often.

The cost to initiate Copyright and to manage Copyright and to License those will be substantial initially but once Vendors use the system it will become uniform and beneficial for both parties.

Vendors can acquire license with exclusivity whereas that is not currently available.

Copyright will cover both the use of an identified (person) or the anonymous. The user data itself is copyrightable. Even if not their identity.

The Copyright is intended for Search and Online Specifically.

The line of code that makes up a person’s identity can include hundreds of features, categories, criteria without limit. The author of the data and the means by which it can be collected are the sole limits to the amount included in the Copyright.